At a glance – the story of Bioextrax

The company is consistently working to develop innovative and green solutions based on microbiology

The history


• Bioextrax was founded in Lund February 6, 2014.

• A patent application regarding extraction of PHA (bioplastics) technology is submitted November 25,  2014.

• Lund University Holding invests in Bioextrax.

• Bioextrax receives funding from Nordic Innovation Fund for development of the technology to convert feathers to protein ingredients in animal feed.


• Bioextrax submits patent application for the process where feathers are converted into microfibers.

• Bioextrax moves the office from the Kemicentrum at Lund university to larger spaces at Ideon Science Park in Lund.

• Edvard Hall is employed as CEO after serving as consultant since 2017.


A new management team and Board are assembled while preparing for trading on the Stock Market.

• Membership of GO!PHA is an important milestone, enabling Bioextrax to accelerate on its vision to contribute to a more sustainable economy.


• Patents are granted in the EU and US for the Bioextrax biobased method to extract PHA from PHA producing bacteria.

• Bioextrax is traded on Spotlight Stock Market, first day of trade is April 28, 2020.

• The Bioextrax team is growing rapidly to eight people by the end of the year.


• Bioextrax submits patent application regarding a cost-efficient production process for PHAs using sucrose as raw materials

• An Advisory Board is established to further strengthen the organization


• Strengthen organization

• Granted patent PHA using sucros

• List change to Nasdaq First North Growth Market

• Ramp up for future growth


• Moved to new and larger facilities in Lund

• Installed and started production in pilot-scale fermentation plant

The Management team

Accelerating the transition to a sustainable global economy

Bioextrax patented and natural processes allow for cost-efficient production of sustainable alternatives to traditional polymers and proteins. Unlike most competing technologies our processes are 100% free of GMO and chemicals.

Collaborate with us

Bioextrax technologies help you go green while improving your bottom line. We offer licenses to our technologies for extraction of PHA biopolymers from PHA producing bacteria, production of PHA from sucrose and conversion of poultry feathers into hydrolysed protein and keratin microfibers.

Our technologies produce cost-competitive and sustainable replacements to carbon-intensive, polluting materials and protein sources. Reach out if you are interested in samples.