Cost-competitive and sustainable replacements for a circular future

About Bioextrax

Bioextrax was founded in 2014 with the vision to be a world-leader in bio-based technologies accelerating the transition to a sustainable, green global economy. The company is consistently working to develop, innovative and green solutions based on microbiology.


– the bioplastic of the future

The only completely bio-based method to extract PHA.

Bioextrax’ technology can reduce the production costs significantly while producing a higher quality product in a more environmentally friendly way.

A patent-pending method to convert sucrose into PHA.

Organic Hydrolyzed Protein

– ingredient for feed or pet food

A 100% bio-based and cost-effective method to convert feathers into feed or food.

Millions of tons of high-quality proteins are being thrown away every year. Using non-GMO bacteria, Bioextrax technology allows the conversion of raw poultry feathers (chicken and turkey) into a protein hydrolysate.

Keratin microfibres

– a new unique material

Bioextrax has developed a patent-pending and bio-based method to turn poultry feathers into keratin microfibres with intact fibre structures.

Keratin fibres has high potential for a wide variety of applications, such as in material composites, electric circuit boards, insulations, membranes & filtration, packaging, plastic fillers, textiles, etc.

The Bio-based Extraction Platform

Bioextrax platform technology is based on a clean, bio-based method that makes it possible to turn waste into value by selectively hydrolyze a number of protein rich materials. We have successfully applied our technology to harvest bioplastics (PHA) granules, organic hydrolyzed protein, keratin fibres, bio-oils, protein-rich by products, and amino acids from bacteria.