About us

The research that the Bioextrax business concept is built upon was carried out at the Department of Biotechnology at Lund University. During this period, a cell-lysing bacteria was identified which, when brought in contact with the PHA producing microbial cells without the presence of any other reagents or solvents, could very quickly and completely lyse the cells, leaving only very pure original PHA granules and an amino-acid/protein co-product. 


It was very quickly concluded that this lysing bacteria had the potential to not only lyse PHA producing microbial cells, but could also be used with oils, chemicals and nutritional supplements.


Our company was thus founded in late 2014 and has since developed this unique and patented bio-based extraction platform technology.​We are currently in the process of commercializing our PHA extraction technology and our patent-pending technology for valorising feathers. In the lab, our researchers are constantly exploring novel applications for our extraction platform.


The company has featured in Swedish and international media such as Reuters, SVT, Ny Teknik and The Chemical Engineer. We are also proud recipients of support from Nordic Innovation - as part of the Nordic Green Growth Research and Innovation Programme as well as the Swedish Innovation Agency, Vinnova. Stein K, ALMI.