Ideon Science Park, Sölvegatan 43a, Delta 6, 223 70 Lund, Sweden

Vinnova (BioInnovation) grant for turning feathers into textiles

Together with speciality chemicals company Perstorp, clothing company Tretorn and the University of Borås, Bioextrax was awarded a project to turn produce Biobased and biodegradable textiles from bioplastics and feathers.

Feather based fibres have a number of properties that makes them a promising alternative to current textile fibres. They are strong, have low density, and possess good resilient properties (including high thermo-stability). Further, they are biodegradable and does not cause any environmental pollution. However, feather fibres do not have the lengths required to be processable on textile machines and are therefore not suitable for making spun yarns and woven fabrics in their pure form or as blends with other natural and synthetic fibres. Instead, they should be composed with a biobased and biodegradable material.

The project aims at providing the textile industry with sustainable, biobased and biodegradable materials, using readily and widely available by-products as raw materials. This work will help the textile industry to respond to customers’ demands by increasing its sustainability, while minimizing the waste from the poultry and agricultural industries.