Organic Hydrolyzed Protein

As  a co-product from the production of  the bio-based and bio-degradable polymer PHA, Bioextrax’s hydrolyzed cell protein is a sustainable alternative to protein sources such as fishmeal and soy. 

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Protein content

Key properties

Bioextrax has a patented solution for the production of PHAs. Amongst the unique features, we obtain a co-product in the form of hydrolyzed bacterial cell walls. 

As PHAs are produced intracellularly by the bacteria, a method is needed to extract the PHA granules. 

Bioextrax’s method utilizes microbes to hydrolyzes the PHA-producing bacterium’s cell walls. These cell walls become highly digestible, nutritional, and amino acid-rich soluble hydrolysate which is a protein source alternative, applicable in e.g. feed applications. 

We are happy to share a more in-depth material profile.

Download our organic hydrolyzed protein fact sheet below: