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Vinnova Innovative start-ups

Bioextrax was awarded the prestigious Innovative Start-ups grant from Vinnova – the Swedish Innovation Agency. Through the project we will move our PHAs production process from the lab to the…
feed pallets

Feathers – the future of animal feed?

Locally produced feather waste could well be used to replace ingredients such as fishmeal and soy protein in animal feed, which is what Hall and Lindberg are trying to do…

Researchers aim to turn bird feathers into food

Reuters' contributor, Jim Drury reports: Biotechnologists have identified and refined a micro-organism that can convert bird feathers and other forms of organic waste into food products and cosmetics.

Watch our CEO give a talk about KeratinoPlast:
a mixture of Bioextrax's bioplastics and keratin fibers, a potential alternative for cotton.