Keratin Fibers

The first-of-its-kind keratin fibers can only be produced with Bioextrax method. Their hollow-cylindric structure means low density and good insulation properties for a variety of applications. 

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Key properties

Feathers are deemed as a burdensome landfill waste. It is abundantly available and obtainable from poultry farms. 

Bioextrax has developed a completely bio-based process to hydrolyzed chicken and turkey feathers to produce keratin fibers. The fibers are first-of-its kind and can only be produced with the Bioextrax patented method. 

Their small size (30-200 microns) means a lot of surface area. The fibers have a hollow-cylindric structure (meaning low 

density and good insulation properties). The material has high thermo-stability, good barrier properties, is water insoluble, bio-based, and bio-degradable.

Keratin fibers has high potential for a wide variety of applications, such as composites, electric circuit boards, insulations, membranes & filtration, packaging, plastic fillers, textiles, etc. 

We continue to evaluate this material and are very open to collaborations. 

Bioextrax KeratinoPlast

Combining the keratin fibers with bioplastics (PHA) produces a composite that is light, strong, and highly bio-degradable.

Download our keratin fibers fact sheet below: