PHB and PHA copolymers are proven to be among the biodegradable polymers in all environments tested by Nova Institute. PBS, PLA, PBAT, PBSA, Lignin-Wood, and Cellulose Acetate are among the polymers tested with significantly lower biodegradability compared to PHB, cellulose, and starch. The environments tested include marine environment, fresh water, soil, home composting, landfill, anaerobic digestion, and industrial composting of which PHB is proven to be biodegradable in every environment.

The polymers are each tested in different environments with a specific condition. In the marine environment with 30o C temperature, for example, PHB is 90% bio-degradable within a maximum of 6 months period while PBS, PLA, PBAT, and PBSA are not biodegradable under these conditions. The same result was also found in the fresh water and landfill environment.

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