Bioextrax took the stage as one of the transformers aiming to disrupt the denim industry during the Kingpins Transformers: Catalyst event in Amsterdam, 22 October 2019. Bioextrax introduced KeratinoPlast, a mix of bioplastics (PHA) and keratin fibers that possessed the potential to replace cotton.

KeratinoPlast’s key characteristics include the possibility to spin into textiles, 100% bio-based and bio-degradable material, lower density than normal bioplastics, good compressibility, excellent barrier properties, resilient, heat retention, smooth surface, and the ability to dampen sound. KeratinoPlast is also produced at a significantly lower production cost. The material is a result of a collaboration between Bioextrax and The Swedish School of Textiles, Borås.

The latest Kingpins event weighed on its members with high potential on redefining the rules for the future of the denim industry. New fibers, new pigments, smart chemicals, and new brands with a sustainability focus are under the spotlight during the event.

The high reception of KeratinoPlast included a number of questions regarding its sustainability and its potential to replace cotton and was addressed directly by Bioextrax’s CEO, Edvard Hall.

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