Protein hydrolysate and fibers from feathers

Bioextrax is in the process of commercializing a patent pending technology to hydrolyse chicken and turkey feathers to produce keratin rich micro fibres (for applications including construction, textile and packaging) as well as a highly digestible and amino acid-rich soluble hydrolysate (for animal feed applications). Poultry feathers are of low cost, abundant in availability, present a wide applicability and exhibit unique properties. Currently, more than 95% of the feathers goes to landfills or is burned. Feathers are primarily composed of beta keratin (90 wt%), which is an insoluble protein and very rich in essential amino acids – in other words, a valuable material that shouldn’t go to waste!



Bioextrax' technology produces a highly digestible, nutritional and soluble produces hydrolysate for feed applications. We are happy to share a more in-depth material profile. 



The micro fibres are first-of-its-kind and can only be produced with the Bioextrax patent-pending method. Their small size (30-200 microns) means a lot of surface area. The fibres further have a hollow-cylindric structure (meaning low density and good insulation properties). The material has high thermo-stability, is water insoluble, biobased and biodegradable.  


Bioextrax is in the process of exploring application to this new material - please get in touch if you have any ideas!


Keratin rich fibers

Keratin rich fibers - through microscope